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Meta Integration ®
Model Bridge (MIMB)
Metadata Integration solutions for metadata import (harvesting/lineage, and export (forward engineering).
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Meta Integration ®
Metadata Management (MIMM)
Metadata Management solutions for Data Cataloging, Data Modeling, Data Mapping, and Data Governance.
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OEM Partners

Vendors embedding Meta Integration components in their software


Metadata Management for Data Cataloging and Data Governance

Metadata Management for Data Cataloging and Data Governance

Data Cataloging and Data Governance solutions must be built upon solid Metadata Management foundations:
At the core of MIMM is a high scalability Metadata Version & Configuration Management system designed to support the
continuous changes in the enterprise architecture with metadata harvesting (on prem & multi-cloud) and automatic stitching.

Metadata Management Big Picture For Data Governance and Enterprise Architecture

The big picture of Metadata Management for Data Governance
with Business Glossary semantic traceability to the actual Enterprise Architecture,
with data flow lineage & impact analysis, and support for DI & BI development Lifecycle Change Management.

Technical and Business Models

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